Phlex™ Rehabilitation System

Creative Direction · UI/ UX · Product Design · Branding · Investor Readiness

TL Technologies & Joint Venture Medical

February 2016 - December 2016


As a result of a biomedical design project at Georgia Tech, TL Technologies LLC developed an FDA Class 2, 510(k) exempt wearable monitoring device that works in combination with a mobile app to track a range of motion.

Joint Venture Medical works with medical start-ups to provide strategic planning, product development, and commercialization.

The Phlex™ Rehabilitation system is a mobile application and web interface that connects a wearable monitoring device to patients while performing their prescribed physiotherapy exercises. It supports patients in the recovery process flowing joint replacement surgery, Guiding and coaching patient while providing physiotherapist actionable, visual feedback and patient intervention tools remotely.

My Role

Design & Development

Conducted user interviews with physiotherapists and patients to create user personas, frameworks, and prototypes (sketches and wireframes) to communicate the look and feel of the product, user experience, and information architecture.

User Interface (UI)

Designed the user interface for both the mobile application and web interface as well as oversaw product development team. Working closely with regulatory consultants to determine and outline product requirements and specifications.

Investor Readiness & Branding

Responsible for creating the Phlex™ RS and TL Technolies LLC visual identity and style guide, website, print media and investor readiness materials.

Keynote Materials

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  • Adobe Photoshop - Product Design, UI & Prototyping.
  • Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Design & UI.
  • Adobe Experience Design - UX Development & Storyboards.

  • Development

  • Brackets - HTML/ CSS Editor
  • Xcode - iOS, Mac OS & Watch OS Development Environment

  • Planning, Research & Collaboration

  • Balsamiq - Rapid Wireframing
  • Office - Documentation
  • iWork - Presentation

  • Outcome

    TL Technologies and its commercialization partner Joint Venture Medical are in preparation for clinical trials in Q2 of 2017.

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