Kenek O2

Creative Direction · UI/ UX · Design · Branding

LionsGate Technologies (LGT Medical)

September 2012 - January 2016


After launching the Kenek Edge mobile pulse oximeter, LionsGate Technologies (LGT Medical) began expanding its product line to include a regulatory approved medical grade pulse oximeter.

The Kenek O2 clinical-grade pulse oximeter can diagnose late-stage pre-eclampsia as well as sepsis and pneumonia. The clinical impact of diagnosis and treatment through pulse oximetry increases dramatically in resource-limited regions, but accessibility and affordability are key barriers to adoption worldwide.

My Role

Design & Development

The creative lead of the product development team. Responsible for the information architecture, interface design, and user experience. Redesigned the exist SpO2, heart rate, and plethysmograph waveforms.

User Interface (UI)

Realtime Plethysmograph

Planning, Oversight & Coordination

Worked with the leadership team to help establish product life cycles. Created wireframes and design prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy.





  • Adobe Photoshop - Product Design, UI & Prototyping.
  • Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Design & UI.
  • Adobe InDesign - Print Media & PDF’s.

  • Development

  • Brackets - HTML/ CSS Editor
  • Xcode - iOS, & Mac OS

  • Planning, Research & Collaboration

  • Office - Documentation
  • iWork - Presentation

  • Outcome

    The Kenek O2 pulse oximeter has been approved by Health Canada. LionsGate Technologies is establishing partnerships in Africa, China, and India, where access to a clinical-grade pulse oximeter can diagnose late-stage pre-eclampsia as well as pneumonia.

    2016 Synergy Award for Innovation

    Newswire Press Release

    Vancouver Sun Review