Kenek Edge

Creative Direction · UI/ UX · Design · Branding

LionsGate Technologies (LGT Medical)

September 2011 - January 2016


LionsGate Technologies (LGT Medical) and the Electrical & Computer Engineering in Medicine (ECEM) group of the University if British Columbia developed a non-invasive test that helps to diagnose a variety of medical conditions named the Phone Oximeter™.

The Phone Oximeter™ leverages the global ubiquity of mobile phones to provide measurements of blood oxygen levels with a light sensor attached to a patient's finger and using software downloaded to the mobile phone. This innovative medical sensor that uniquely connects through the audio port of any mobile device allows community health care workers to make diagnoses that could previously only made in hospitals.

My Role

Design & Development

Responsible for the visual design and user experience of both iPhone and iPad applications.


User Interface (UI)

Design and built a QR code based bonding system and user administrative tools.

Bonding & Admin

Created style guides, icons, product labeling, corporate assets and print materials used in manuals and brochures.

Planning & Coordination

Worked with the leadership team to help establish a product life cycle. Created wireframe and design prototypes (whiteboarding sessions, storyboards, and sketches) to share the vision, design principles and content strategy to evangelize ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making.


Kenek Edge iPad



  • Adobe Photoshop - Product Design, UI & Prototyping.
  • Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Design & UI.
  • Adobe InDesign - Print Media & PDF’s.

  • Development

  • Brackets - HTML/ CSS Editor
  • Xcode - iOS, & Mac OS

  • Planning, Research & Collaboration

  • Office - Documentation
  • iWork - Presentation

  • Outcome

    LGT Medical successfully commercialized Kenek Edge (Phone Oximeter™) mobile pulse oximeter. It was launched into the US recreational market in June 2014 to generate revenue that will support distribution and development of the urgently needed medical device in the developing world.

    In 2015 it was highlighted as one of ten breakthrough health innovations, from products to systems approaches, ready to be used in developing countries to help reach the MDGs. Breakthrough Innovations of 2015

    The Phone Oximeter™

    The Sensor Project

    Med Device Online Press Release

    Healthline Press Release