Creative Direction · UI/ UX · Design · Branding · Investor Readiness

LionsGate Technologies (LGT Medical)

March 2015 - January 2016


LiongsGate Technologies (LGT Medical) in partnership with the Lung Asociation of Canada was interested in using pulse oximetry in conjunction with self-assessment and self-monitoring as a tool for patients living with Chronic Pulmonary Obstruction Disease (COPD).

The goal was to design a product that could help patients suffering from COPD monitor and report exasperations, track medications, measure spirometry and provides tools that help can clinicians determine better therapeutic outcomes.

The project began in March of 2015, and the initial release was to coincide with world COPD day November 19th, 2015

My Role

Design & Development

As part of the product development team, I worked closely with researchers, clinicians, and hardware engineers, to develop a data visualization model for patient driven data generated by self-assessment health tests.


Was solely responsible for the product look and feel, building a smooth and clean user experience. I created frameworks and prototypes (sketches and wireframes) to share the design and engagement strategies throughout the project lifecycle.

User Interface (UI)

Branding & Investor Readiness

Responsible for product branding including icons, marketing materials, and product labeling. Creating a comprehensive style guide and visual design strategy to be used across social media and print as well as investor presentations.

Icon Design

Investor Readiness

Sympton Report




  • Adobe Photoshop - Product Design, UI & Prototyping.
  • Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Design & UI.
  • Adobe Experience Design - UX Development & Storyboards.
  • Adobe InDesign - Print Media & PDF’s.
  • Adobe InCopy - Copy Editing & Design

  • Development

  • Brackets - HTML/ CSS Editor
  • Xcode - iOS, Mac OS & Watch OS Development Environment

  • Planning, Research & Collaboration

  • Balsamiq - Rapid Wireframing
  • Office - Documentation
  • iWork - Presentation

  • Outcome

    Aeri COPD launched on world COPD day November 16, 2015. The launch was in support of Breathing as One - a national fundraising campaign that supports The Lung Association’s new, innovative research strategy.

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